Basement Subdivision

Basement Subdivision

Basement Accommodation Schedule

AccommodationAvailabilitysq msq ft
Area 1Let to Granite House Management3093,326
Area 2Available42452
Area 3Available46495
Area 4Available22237
Area 5Available38409
Area 6Available47506
Area 7Let to Triple Two Coffee Masters15161
Area 8Let to BW18194
Area 9Let to Shelter1271,367
First Floor Central Suite

First Floor – Central Suite – 1,076 sq ft

Second Floor – South Suite – 14,000 sq ft

Fourth Floor – Central East Suite – 3,120 sq ft

Fourth Floor – Central Suite – 2,098 sq ft

Available accommodation schedule

Accommodationsq msq ft
First Floor (Central Suite)1001,076
Second Floor1,30014,000
Third Floor (South Suite)1,08511,679
Fourth Floor (Central East Suite)2903,120
Fourth Floor (Central Suite)1952,098
Fourth Floor (South Suite)1,26813,649